Writing Human Readable Unit Tests in C# With FluentAssertions

Writing and maintaining unit tests is something I actively encourage all developers to keep on top of code quality and keeping bugs down. I’m also a believer that unit test suites should be self documenting whereby any developer should be able to dive into a code base and understand functionality based on the tests. The […]

Web Development on a Chromebook Part 2: Setting Up Development Tools

Following on from part 1: Installing GalliumOS on a Chromebook – we should have full access to install applications and developer tools onto the Chromebook through GalliumOS (or any other Linux distribution). There are many tools and editors available for web development, in this tutorial we’re going to setup a complete web development environment by […]

Web Development on a Chromebook Part 1: Installing GalliumOS

Since their launch in 2011, Chromebooks have been intriguing devices to myself and others who have been looking for a slim, light and portable machine with a decent battery life capable of running applications, code editors and source control on the go, the only problem being that they come bundled with ChromeOS. It’s well documented […]